//Twenty Days of Lifetime!

Twenty Days of Lifetime!

It is said that some people are hard to find and impossible to forget. And finding such people in life is a fortune. Well I was lucky enough to fine someone. The girl who touched my heart. Possesiveness may be, but losing her was like a dark nightmare to me. I never thought that missing someone would be that painful, But now I can say that missing someone is indeed a painful thing.

The story starts like this, I was pursuing my Engineering Graduation and it was my first year in the college. That was the time when I first met her. She was trying for a medical profession but ended up in engineering fields. Since, the Medical seats were yet to be allotted she still hoped for getting a seat there. Days went by, and day by day we were becoming more close to each other. Each day was like heaven. I used to wait eagerly for the next day so that I could meet her. I felt like time had stopped. Time went on, in almost twenty days the Medical results were out. As hoped she got her admission in Medical Profession. Then she had to leave the college and so did she. I don’t know what she felt at that moment but for me it was difficult. I was happy for her but at the same time, deep down in my heart I wished she stayed in my college. This was like the first time I was sad for missing somebody.

I had love affairs in my past and had breakups too but that was nothing compared to what I felt at her absence. I felt like dark clouds filling my heart with sorrow. I guess that was the worst pain I felt in my life. I guessed that it was not a mere case of Infactuation, it had more meaning to it. Affairs in my past taught me many things but those were mere infactuations and it never felt sad for it. Most of us would think that if someone was missing someone so hardly, she might be an absolute Goddess. And Yes, she was the Goddess by heart. She looked Simple yet elegant. Her naughty smile could defeat the most fierce Army. Her eyes resembled the stars, sparkling with joy. Her Voice was an addictive drug because you would never feel to stop the conversation with her. But what made me impressed the most was her Heart. I had never met someone like her and I guess I will never be able to. She made her place in my heart forever.

I had sleepless nights thinking about her. I was thinking of my existence and how I can live without her. She was that much close to my heart. The Night she was leaving, that was the longest night. I was crying like a baby, a baby who was not fortunate to have his toy that he wished. That night she called me, But I had to control my emotions and speak. I never wanted her to be sad. Those few minutes on the phone with her were the most desperate minutes I had experienced. I was desperate to do something but there was nothing which I could do. I was helpless. It was fate which decided all things, and I was no one to change the Fate.

I never thought that those twenty days will be so memorable. I mean how many people can make such a big impression in just twenty days? Well she just showed it. I wished that those twenty days could be forever, so that I could be with her forever. But again it all depends on fate.When she left I used to blame it on my fate. I used to be sad on how ill-fated I was. But now I don’t blame it on my fate at all. I mean how can two strangers be bonded by heart forever in just few days? How can two strangers that too from different places meet? It depends on the fate. Not all are lucky to get someone like her in their life. And I was lucky to have someone like her.

Sometimes I feel jealous about her new college friends because they are lucky to have her in their life. I cant define what this relation is, but I can surely say that it was not mere friendship, it was something above it. People say there is a fine line between Friendship and Love. Well with her I cant find that line. There is a bond of Friendship and a sense of true love in it. Though distance lie between us, but I think our hearts are bonded together too closely. I can see her everyday by just closing my eyes and cherishing about those twenty days with her. And I never feel that she is far away. I guess she didn’t forget me. But for me she will be in my heart forever. I cant predict the future but I can surely say that fate would have decided something wonderful ahead and whatever it may be our friendship will last forever!!