//My Stranger Sister

My Stranger Sister

It is quite unknown to me about how some strangers are able to change someone’s life drastically. We learn a lot from others may be not for all, but for me it really does. One such incident which changed my character goes like this,

A week long holidays was about to commence , being a migrant student it was surely nothing less than a celebration. Finally I was about to meet my family after a long interval. I booked my tickets, packed my luggages and I was off for a travel to reach home. Since I was not allowed to book Flight tickets and AC trains, it leaves me with no other options but a Sleeper Ticket. The travel is indeed tiring and to let you all know, it takes about 24 hours to reach my destination. I hated travelling in trains beacause the only thing one could probably do in trains was to sit! Sitting for 24 hours is indeed a tiring thing.

And the journey started, As always in a typical long distance trains the first question by your co-passenger is where is your destination? And then slowely they start enquiring further into your details. Sometimes I feel they could seriously think of joining the FBI, because some of them really dig in deep into you!! And I really hated that. I dont know why but I simply hated to interact with anyone in the journey.

But this time eveything was about to change, this time there was one nice girl sitting next to me. May be a year or two elder than me, she was doing her graduation in the medical field. Since I hated interactions in a train, I didnt speak too much to her. But I was indeed observing her. She was impulsive and really active with others. She was full of energy and didnt hesitate to interact with others. On the other hand there was me, sitting without any interest to interact, headphones in my ears and just peeping out of the window.

Couple of hours later I started feeling that may be I should give it a try. A try to interact with her. And to my utter surprise she was also waiting for me to start the conversation. And suddenly the tiring, boring travel started to become more interesting. We started knowing each other. She was doing her MBBS and was travelling alone. Soon we were too close to each other. Just as siblings, we shared our thoughts. Since, I am a single child, I didnt really know how this Brother-Sister relation really worked. Well she just showed how it really worked. Whenever she used to walk towards the door, I used to follow her. I really dont know why I followed her, may be thats the way siblings react.

Her character was something every girl should have in her. She was bold yet she had fears, She knew how to interact with others. She always used to tell me how she would react when something goes wrong.

I shared almost all of my thoughts with her. Soon it was Nightfall and it was time to sleep. She didnt have that fear, But I always had that fear. That Night I didnt sleep well, I was always observing her and giving a kind of protection to her. That night was the longest yet happiest night for me. Because that was the time I felt the feeling of real brotherhood. As she woke up, the first thing she searched was me, because soon my destination was about to arrive. And as expected my destination was about to reach in few minutes. There was just time to say good bye. I knew she wanted to say something , but I didnt wait for that. May be because I feared loosing her.

We didnt know each other, We were mere strangers in a hurry to reach our destinations. We were pretty sure that we wont be able to meet again, but yet we had that feeling that may be someday we will surely meet. Seriously speaking, I exactly didnt knew her Name too!

She taught me a lot of things. The most important thing she taught me was brotherhood. A feeling which I was not fortunate to have. She taught me to find happiness in interacting with strangers, finding Happiness in small things.

Since that day my life changed. I started loving interactions with strangers. The happiness one can get is simply immense. I realized that those simple questions were the true sense of Humanity, I mean How often do we get chances to interact with strangers!! Even today I search for her in trains, hoping to find her and just thank her for changing my life. That journey with her was the most memorable journey I had. I dont know her Name and I dont have any means to contact her yet I hope to see her someday. The probability of finding her in my train is almost impossible. Yet I hope to find her someday!

Afterall Hope is the only thing that drives Humanity!